Dr. Michael Orlin Sigler MD

Mr. SIGLER, Michael Orlin is a successful entrepreneur and physician specializing in preventive medicine, age management medicine and anti-aging health care with over 14 years of clinical experience. He is a highly skilled professional with brilliant academic pedigree completing his Degree in Doctor of Medicine from The University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine in 2003.

Throughout his entire professional career, Dr Michael Orlin Sigler has built up a reputation within the Panama market for pharmaceutical products delivering healthcare solutions that are effective and on budget. He co-founded Live Well Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Panama and is currently the company’s Executive Director. Prior to this Dr Michael Orlin Sigler was also the Executive Director at Age Management Panama responsible for the day-to- day operation of the organization including managing committees and staff and developing business plans in collaboration with the advisory board for the future of the organization. His extensive knowledge and professional training within the field of medicine and healthcare has ensured that Live Well’s products are the first choice for Panama doctors and hospitals including health conscious individuals globally.

An expert in the field of medicine and healthcare, Dr Michael Orlin Sigler is a highly skilled individual who has gained his expertise through years of hands-on practice and business experience from running his company, Live Well Pharmaceuticals. Age Management Panama is a Qualified Supplier proteins and peptides, Anti Aging & Bio Identical Hormones. Business Type: Age Management Medicine, Preventive Medicine Product / Services: Executive Health Evaluations & Live Well Pharmaceuticals Quality Control: FDA Standard- Compound Location: Panama City, Panama Central America. Age Management Panama is a "Preventive Medicine Clinic" affiliated with "Live Well Pharmaceuticals" a specialised compounding enterprise mainly engaging in the import of API ingredients and and custom production of finished pharmaceuticals products based on an extensive Executive Health Evaluation.